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aPlantBasedDiet.org is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization

Mission: To improve lives by raising awareness and advocating for the use of food as medicine. Specifically a whole plant food, organic diet + things that lead people in that direction.

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Things We Do

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Worldwide education

Online and beyond, we spread the best practice eating habits for humans

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Event Hosting

Lead and help run the annual SWFL Veg Fest and Naples Veg Fest as well as assist with the annual Triangle Veg Fest in NC

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Raise awareness about growing one’s own food

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Org Support

Invest in and work with other companies that have a similar mission

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Community Support

Provide free healthy food to those in need

Meet the Founder



Mike Young is the Founder of aPlantBasedDiet.org 501(c)(3) Non-Profit, TriangleGrapeVine.org and FloridaGrapeVine.org. aPlantBasedDiet.org has a website full of food and recipe resources, a YouTube Channel, local community groups, and live in person outdoor festival events up and down the US East Coast. He’s the type of person that’s continually in search of improvement and doing the best he can do with everything. Mike has always been a forward thinker, and this has propelled him into leading a whole foods plant based lifestyle. He believes there’s nothing more important to do today than spread the good news of this lifestyle since everyone and everything benefits! Mike can be found perpetually on social media.

A Community of Support

Have you seen movies such as What The Health, Forks Over Knives, and PlantPure Nation?
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